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Most adults will need their wisdom teeth removed sometime in their lives. Common symptoms of wisdom tooth problems include pain or stiffness in the jaw, irritation from rubbing against the cheek or tongue, swelling or cysts near impacted teeth and tooth decay. Additionally, a lack of access to proper oral health care may cause teeth to decay, eventually leading to signs such as broken or chipped teeth, pain, swelling or bad breath. Tooth extraction is often necessary to solve these common challenges, and it’s one of our many specializations at Steliotes Dental Spa.

How Does It Help? 

Depending on your particular dental issue, extraction can be a viable solution. Wisdom teeth often grow in crooked or at awkward angles, or become impacted, resulting in pain, inflammation and swelling. Moreover, there’s not enough room to properly clean them or surrounding surfaces, which can accelerate the rate of deterioration and gum disease. In the case of advanced decay, a dentist may first attempt to find some way to save each affected tooth. However, having one pulled is necessary before solutions such as dental implants, bridges or dentures can be implemented. Additionally, aftercare is critical to maintaining a healthy mouth and beautiful smile. Our care team is with you every step of the way before, during and after your procedure. In addition to safe extraction procedures, we also provide detailed instructions to assist with proper healing.


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At Steliotes Dental Spa, our experienced, compassionate practitioners are dedicated to providing the best oral care. If you’ve been putting off treatment because of dentist anxiety, we have sedation information about your options for a relaxing procedure. Call us today at 724-942-4445 for a consultation or an appointment.