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Why Should You Get a Professional Cleaning?

The answer is simple! The staff at Steliotes Dental Spa can give you a deep cleaning that only a professional can provide. Your twice-a-year cleanings set the foundation for a healthy mouth. For the best possible oral health, it is strongly recommended that you visit your dentist approximately every six months for a thorough cleaning. At Steliotes Dental Spa, we make sure that our patients leave with sparkling mouths and educated minds. A skilled hygienist will thoroughly clean your mouth, teeth and gums, and will make it a pleasant experience. These regular cleanings will be a powerful ally in your fight against gum disease and tooth decay. Your dentist or hygienist will use scaling, root planing and polishing as complements to your regular oral hygiene. The six-month checkup will also provide your dentist with the chance to diagnose problems that may require more serious attention.

At-Home Care

However, dental hygiene means more than just visiting your friendly dentist once in a while. Teeth that are properly taken care of are brushed two or three times a day and are flossed regularly. Regular oral hygiene is something we make sure all of our patients know how to do properly, because it has been proven that overall health can be directly linked back to oral health. Teeth cleanings have never been more simple, quick and easy than at Steliotes Dental Spa. We like for all of our neighbors to walk around with clean, bright smiles! We would love to see you and have you looking your very best with clean, polished teeth! Call today by 10 a.m. to set up your same-day appointment and become be a part of the Steliotes Dental Spa family!